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ATG Receives the Music Estate of Paul B. Riley

When accordionist Paul B. Riley passed away in June 2020, he left behind an extensive and diverse library of music: complete sets of various method books (Palmer-Hughes, Aretta, Howell-Aretta, and various others), boxes of accordion sheet music, ethnic and cultural music of all sorts, and a very large notebook of original compositions—mostly polkas, which he loved. His collection was donated to the ATG, Int’l by his sister Maureen Riley to continue promoting excellence in accordion education and performance.

Esther Lanting, Executive Board member, drove to Nashville, TN, in April, where Maureen’s husband, Douglas Bishop, and son, Eli Bishop, managed to load all 21 boxes into her van. She stored the music at her house until she transported it to ATG President Mary Ann Covone’s residence in May, where this library is currently being housed.

The Executive Board is pondering how best to use this collection in a way that honors Paul. The music library will be brought to the ATG Festival this summer and will be on display along with a large tribute poster. Several of his original compositions will be performed as well.

The ATG expresses our sincere thanks and appreciation to Maureen Riley for this gift of Paul’s music library.

Please see article below about Paul, written by Maureen, and YouTube links to several of his polkas recorded by Nathan Neuman.

Paul B.Riley bio
Download PDF • 45KB

Graduation Polka

Hugo’s Scottis

Jane’s Hambo

Bella’s Schottis

Anna Eklund Scottis

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