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A Couple of New Pieces for the New Year!

Joan Cochran Sommers


Happy February to everyone! I have selected an interesting polka for everyone. Because the title is in Swedish, I contacted Kimmo Mattila in Finland. He serves as the Secretary General of the Confédération des Accordéonistes. The piece was published in the Swedish magazine, Nygammalt, in April of 2006, but I knew Kimmo could tell me more about this piece. 

This is how he answered me: Quote "Krystyna Pettersson (1930-1918) was a Swedish composer who was born in Poland. The title Plåster på såret is in Swedish language and it means literally "a band-aid on the wound or something like that. More often it's used like a figurative saying, which is "a consolation" after a defeat or disappointment. Is it said in English "Balm for wounds"...?? End of Quote. 

Kimmo also sent his best regards and good luck to prepare all amazing ATG activities! 

I did not indicate a definite switch/register for the Right Hand since some of us might like using 2 middles and a high the first time, then use the Master switch on the repeats or something like that. In other words use what you want! 

You will notice both the names of the Bass and the Chord are shown, but also the names of the kind of Chords. Many German publications use these, too. You will see the German H used when the note is B, and the FISS when the bass note is F# or C#. The M chord often does not use the M, but the small m is always used for the minor chord, the 7 is always used for the dominant seventh chord and the dim is used for the diminished chord, when necessary. 

The piece is not all that difficult to play and it is fun, not that I think every piece should be fun, however! I have marked a few fingers which might help some players. Other than that, just have a good time seeing a piece written by a woman composer who was born in Poland but lived in Sweden.

Feb 2024 Music for Bulletin
Download PDF • 8.19MB

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