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"Our Traditions and Cultures of Teaching"

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The aim of this TeachTalk is to embolden and invigorate each of us by reflecting and sharing impactful connections from our lives in music. These are the things that make us the music teachers we are - and they make us fantastic and one of a kind.  We, accordion teachers, are unique "culture sharers". Sometimes music is talked about as a thing unto itself: "the music is so beautiful". But as teachers we, especially, see that music is the life energy of the people who make and listen to it.  We spend our lives communing musically with the life energy of students, teachers, colleagues and heroes. Our shape comes from these life-music connections. Toward or away; strongly or mildly. In that way we are a link in a chain; we are "culture sharers."


Open to the Public, but you must register first at this link:


"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." 

--Joan C. Sommers, Conductor

About the ATG

The Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International is a non-profit organization of accordion teachers, students, composers, professional musicians, and hobbyists from around the world. Its goal is to foster an appreciation of this remarkable instrument and its music.


Since its establishment in 1940 by the late Anthony Galla-Rini and colleagues, the ATG has garnered international prestige and respect for its ongoing pursuit of excellence in music education.  

The ATG offers scholarships, hosts seminars, workshops, concerts, recitals, and an annual festival -- all of which provide accordion education and performance opportunities for players of all ages and levels. 

News and Events

Our 2023 Festival as covered by NBC5 Chicago News.  Join us at our 2024 Festival in Kansas City!

Betty Jo Simon was inducted into the ATG International Accordion Hall of Fame at the 2023 ATG festival.  Congratulations Betty Jo!

Please visit our ATG Hall of Fame Page to learn more about the ATG Hall of Fame members.  



The ATG Syllabus is an outline of both the Practical and Written requirements for the completion of nine different levels related to the study of the accordion. This includes the requirements for solo performance, the building of technique in both hands, aural and sight-reading skills, as well as general musical knowledge. There are suggestions for accomplishing these requirements but there is room also for your own choices to be made in the many selections of solos, exercises, and studies. The works of many composers and arrangers from several different countries are included in these lists.

The price is $30 for ATG members and $50 for non-members.

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One benefit to ATG membership is access to the popular FREE online workshops that are offered every two weeks during the fall and spring. Recordings of these workshops are availablefor members, too.

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