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Accordionists and Teachers Guild to Receive $10,000 Grantfrom the National Endowment for the Arts to Support 2024 Festival

Western Springs, IL — The Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International (ATG) is pleased to announce it has been approved by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) for a Grants for Arts Projects award of $10,000. This grant will support the 2024 Festival and will help bring world class performers to play in concerts, open to the public, during the July 23-27 Festival in Kansas City.  

Spanning five days of festivities, the ATG Festival will showcase the incredible versatility and artistry of the accordion, drawing participants and performers from not only the United States and Canada but from around the world. Audiences can expect to be treated to a breathtaking array of performances that will redefine their perceptions of the accordion. “The Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International is an 80 plus year old organization founded on the basic principle of promoting excellence in accordion education and performance,” says Mary Ann Covone, president of ATG. “During the last several years, ATG has had a wider reach due to a steadily growing membership and online presence.  We are very grateful to the NEA for this assistance.  We will continue our efforts to promote excellence in playing and teaching all genres of music striving to make our programs accessible to all accordionists and students through online workshops and presentations in addition to our live performances and workshops at our annual Festival."

One of the highlights of the festival will be a monumental accordion orchestra featuring 90 players, demonstrating the power and grandeur of this beloved instrument. Additionally, attendees can immerse themselves in an enchanting evening of tango music,


where the accordion takes center stage in bringing this passionate dance form to life in unexpected ways. Orchestra director, Joan Sommers notes, “"The ATG deserves this award.  The organization has been working diligently to help accordionists of all levels improve their skills as educators or performers and to share important musical experiences with others. This NEA award will assist the ATG in continuing these efforts."  

“Projects like ATG’s exemplify the creativity and care with which communities are telling their stories, creating connection, and responding to challenges and opportunities in their communities—all through the arts,” said NEA Chair Maria Rosario Jackson, PhD. “So many aspects of our communities such as cultural vitality, health and wellbeing, infrastructure, and the economy are advanced and improved through investments in art and design, and the National Endowment for the Arts is committed to ensuring people across the country benefit.” In total, the NEA will award 1,135 Grants for Arts Projects awards totaling more than $37 million as part of its second round of fiscal year 2024 grants.

                To learn more about the Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International and the 2024 Festival, visit For more information on other projects included in the NEA’s grant announcement, visit


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Media Contact:

Mary Ann Covone


+1 (847) 274-0435


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