"Tutto a Dio"

Augustinas Rakauskas & Greta Staponkutė


The duo “Tutto a Dio” is a young viola and accordion duo. In 2012 both Lithuanian members Greta Staponkutė and Augustinas Rakauskas started creating a common summer musical project in London where they made their first musical steps together. In the meantime, the duo started to focus on chamber music, work on a variety of arrangements as well as develop their concert career.  “Tutto a Dio” is based on an exclusive combination of the viola and accordion which has been one of the most exceptional combinations in the world. The duo’s repertoire has a wide range of different genres from baroque, classical and modern compositions to tango nuevo and contemporary music. The ensemble’s activity in four years has accelerated significantly.


"Tutto a Dio" has excellent international achievements and is actively performing in Europe and the USA. The Duet has held recitals in California, Meine, Florida, the Consulate General of Lithuania in New York (USA), Switzerland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece. The Duo has received professional recognition in international competitions worldwide by winnin important competitions – the “Coupe Mondiale – 2017”, 1st Prize in “Premio Internazionale di Castelfirdardo 2017” (Italy), 1st Prize winners of “Trophée Mondial 2017” (France) as well as became the champions of the “Coupe Mondiale – 2018” in Lithuania. They continue their intensive concert activity in Europe and the USA.