Membership Survey Highlights

Thank you to everyone who filled out February’s ATG Membership Survey. Your thoughtful responses help the board to better know the membership and to guide our efforts to better serve you. Some of the survey questions were formulated to gauge Bulletin readership and website usage. The survey results to these items will be used to improve ATG's communications with members.

Here are some highlights from the survey: (Note: Not all numbers add up to 100 due to questions where more than one answer may apply.)

Which of the following describes you? Accordion Teachers: 47.5%

Teacher (other): 22.5%

Accordion Student: 35%

Accordion Hobbyist Player: 47.5%

Professional Performance Musician: 47.5%

Instrument Collector: 7.5%

How long have you been a member of the ATG?

New members: 25% 2-5 years: 30 %

5-10 years: 22.5%

More than 10 years 22.5 %

What is the primary reason you an ATG member?

To further the appreciation of the Accordion and its music: 82% To meet and network with other musicians: 65%

To attend the annual ATG Festival: 60%

To participate in competition: 2.5%

Which of the following would you like to see the ATG offer?

Online workshops: 90%

Online guest performers: 67%

Online classes: 64%

Online recitals: 59%

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