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Petting Zoo debuts

at ATG Festival


New to the ATG Festival this year is the first ATG “Petting Zoo,”  an event for everyone, young and old. Patterned after “petting zoos” held by major orchestras around the country, it presents an opportunity to anyone who would like to become familiar with an accordion--maybe for the first time--to do so with the guidance of an ATG member accordionist.


There will be a variety of accordions displayed in the large space of the Hyatt Lisle ballroom, any of which can be “petted” by the participant. Participants can look, touch, and be shown how to put on an instrument, pull the bellows, and play a tune--endless possibilities as determined by their interest. On hand will be some of ATG’s active performers to demonstrate and entertain, as well.


The Petting Zoo is a free event, open to the public, and we hope to capture the interest of many young people and inspire a desire to learn to play the accordion.

Of course, all ages are welcomed and encouraged to learn more. 

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