Announcing the ATG Online Master Class Series

Come observe some of the finest accordion instructors in the world provide instruction to students.


September Master Class

Our first Online Master Class will be held on September 27th at 3:00 C.S.T. You will have the opportunity to observe the world renowned Joan C. Sommers provide instruction to 4 different students at various levels. Don't miss out on this free chance to learn from the best.


October Master Class

Our October class will feature world champion Cory Pesaturo.

October 24th at 4:00 C.S.T.

Cory will discuss "How to Play Music, Not Play With Music"

The ability to read advanced music, and play it at a high level is seen as the mountain top in the profession of "Musician".  It is only but the First step in your quest!  How can one improvise off the cuff?  How can one play what they hear in their head?  How can one hear a song on the radio and learn it immediately without sheet music?  Cory will first go over the "Numerical System" of music that is used Worldwide, and explain its foundational aspect to most all music in the world from Classical to Jazz to Folk.  One must know what VI7 is in your head when you hear it, and conversely, hear someone play a VI7 chord, and know it's VI7.  Cory will also go over his "3 Pillars of the Musician".  

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and The International Music Council (IMC), an NGO official partner of UNESCO