ATG Los Angeles Festival Cancellation Aug 5-9, 2020:


Dear ATG Members and Friends of the Accordion,

As President of the ATG, I regretfully must communicate a message to you that I had hoped would not become a reality. However in spite of intense planning and never giving up hope that our spectacular 80th Anniversary Festival would still take place in Los Angeles this year Aug 5-9, 2020, the unfortunate downward pressures from the around the globe are mandating that we cancel this wonderful event. With the decidedly international nature of our Festival this year, there are many groups and attendees who had planned to come and participate, but simply cannot for a variety of reasons (the mandated closure of flights in their country, the negative economic impacts of their various nationwide economic shutdowns, the high risk categories of some of our attendees, and ultimately the inability to gather into large events throughout the summer in the Los Angeles area based on recent governor decreed mandates). These issues collectively will make it impossible for our Los Angeles Festival to occur as anticipated.

Therefore, in spite of great sadness in our hearts over this cancellation, there is an equal amount of hope and positive anticipation that you will join us next year at the Hyatt in the Lisle, Illinois area again for what we hope to be a recovery from this unfortunate year of the virus; with renewed best wishes for your safety, wellness, and bringing all our musical lives back to normal July 20-25, 2021. Please plan on being with us to make this a very special celebration of our collective recoveries and victory over the events of 2020.

We were informed that our event cancellation will create a mass cancel with the DoubleTree hotel for your individual reservations. But as a matter of due diligence, if you had already made your reservations, you may want to personally call and check after a few weeks to make certain you were not missed and that you can verify your personal hotel reservation was included in the cancellation.

God bless you all and thanks for your loyalty, membership, and support of the ATG.


Joseph Natoli, ATG President

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